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What You Need To Know About Two Speed IT

Wednesday 20 January, 2016

Two Speed IT - What is it?

Two-speed IT (Bimodal IT) is the concept where IT solution development should include a fast track, allowing some projects to be implemented more quickly.

The philosophy behind two-speed IT proposes that agile, innovative IT initiatives should be allowed to move forward quickly without being hampered by the checks and balances needed to maintain business-critical IT operations.

What could it potentially do for you? 

Two-Speed IT could help an IT organisation seize the opportunities afforded by the digital economy – operating at the speed of business moments allowing the organisation to sense and react in near real time to the market, customers and competitors.

Key questions you need to ask: 

  • Do you need to run a two-speed IT operation?
  • What systems / processes need to run more quickly?
  • Do you have the skills, experience and resources to execute?
  • How are you going to make the changes to your IT organisation and operating model?
  • What tools, processes and governance are you going to need?

Key challenges:

  • Requires talented multidisciplinary teams required to work with new processes, tools and governance
  • In a recent Coeus survey* only 34% of organisations stated they have the right people, skills and experience internally to deliver a fast track and agile projects
Speed…and flexibility
  • The need to absorb disruptive new business models enabled by new digital technologies
  • The need to scale up and down in Internet time
  • The need to react fast to capture business moments – win the moments that matter
  • Can Mode 1 and Mode 2 work together? Can two different sets of people, processes and tools work in harmony?
  • By their very nature Mode 1 and Mode 2 need to work together 
  • Mode 1 deals with Enterprise systems, such as finance, which by the very nature of Commercial Mode 2 systems need to be interfaced together to allow real time transactions and customer order processing
Non-linear Enterprise IT
  • The third era of IT – digitalisation – poses additional challenges, such as the following 'nonlinear' needs
  • Bimodal or two-speed is about addressing conventional and nonlinear enterprise IT
*2016 Coeus & PSD CIO and IT Leadership Survey