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CRM Strategy Support For Local Authorities

Friday 01 July, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a huge shift in citizen behaviour – fuelling pent-up demand for some who were desperate to be able to make better use of remote services and pushing others towards the same by necessity.

However, it has also shone a very bright light into the ‘digital divide’ highlighting many issues where citizens can’t or won’t use remote services for a variety of reasons. Providing education and support, either directly or through community support, helps address the issue but making sure that services are consistently delivered across all channels and that individual needs are captured and met is also vital.

Meeting these needs and expectations requires a (single) CRM system that manages relevant citizen data as well as accessing data from other systems (e.g. revs & bens, social services and leisure). Used well, this supports personalisation and consistency across channels as well as driving access to more data insights which can lead to improvements in services and experiences..

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CRM Strategy for Local Authorities

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