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Remote Working: Challenges & Recommendations

Tuesday 06 July, 2021

Now that the entire workforce of many companies has scaled from office to home working, and potentially settled on a hybrid model, it is time to reflect on key challenges and how to ensure they are addressed as we move forward.

Our CIO and IT Leadership Survey (here) highlights that Data / Security, End User Computing and connectivity / collaboration tools were the key challenging factors in the shift to remote working.

survey 2021 screenshot

Chart 1: Cross-sector survey of 138 senior IT leaders in October / November 2020Additionally, bottlenecks in addressing company culture, processes and policy and a reliance on supplier performance were all factors in delivering a smooth move to remote working. The extra layers of security hardware, connection quality and access to the necessary applications and data further increased the implementation complexity.

Organisations should now be reflecting on how well they were resourced and skilled in delivering these shifts urgently and at scale. Lessons learnt will create changes in the way IT operates, but one thing is certain: IT’s importance in enabling a more permanent shift in working culture and consumer behaviour has been made clear.



  • Closely examining E2E internal processes, procedures, tools and culture and start to identify the changes that will be required to enable a fully flexible and agile workforce for the future;
  • Developing a People, Tooling & Communications Strategy that will build on the tactical solutions and enable a more co-ordinated and planned effort to deploying EUC and a new working culture; and
  • Reviewing and aligning security policy and governance frameworks to enable a more flexible, secure and resilient remote working environment.

To read more on the challenges faced by IT leaders over the last 12 months, and Coeus’ recommendations, please view our 2021 CIO and IT Leadership Survey here.