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Supporting Digital Transformation Partner Selection For A Specialist Financial Services Company

Wednesday 01 July, 2020

Helping a Financial Services client re-imagine technology platforms and processes to enable omni-channel delivery. 

Client Challenge

The client, a specialist UK Financial Services company, was looking to take the next step in company growth - driving up revenue and share of the market, while reducing the unit cost to serve and transact with their customers digitally. They also needed to remove risks around legacy technology, to better enable them to adapt to the rapidly changing Financial Services regulatory landscape.

To achieve this, the client needed to re-imagine their technology platforms and processes to enable omni-channel delivery, delivering greater self-service for their customers, and improving their services and capabilities to work with the largest Retail banks in the UK.

Coeus had already partnered with the organisation to perform an architecture and business case assessment to support the digital transformation of the business. The success of the piece of work meant that Coeus was chosen to source the Systems Integrator partner to deliver the programme.

The programme would be the first use of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft for the company (and its parent) and would also transform colleague ways of working and customer experience.



An initial market scan to identify suitable partners was performed and a set of RFP requirements were developed. Partners were engaged in a series of workshops and knowledge shares to ensure they understood the scope of the work they would be delivering, as well as the business context of the client and their ambition.

In parallel, Coeus supported the organisation to understand the pre-requisites they would need to put in place to deliver the programme.

Coeus supported the end to end sourcing through various states of down-selection and scoring of partners to establish the best fit for the client. They also drew on their deep technology and commercial experience to assure that the solutions offered by each partner would realise the benefits set out in original business case, developed by Coeus and the Client.



Coeus were able to successfully support the end-to-end sourcing in short 3 month period; the speed of delivery being possible due to our award-winning tried and tested sourcing approach. The approach makes use of certain predefined elements whilst also allowing a high degree of flexibility for the client that helps differentiate partners and focus on the most important elements for the client.

Similarly, Coeus’ depth of experience in commercial and contracting meant that the client benefited from getting to a competitive price in line with the business case in a short time frame with a small number of very capable partners.

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