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Helping A Global Drinks Company Reduce IT Costs By Over 10% Through Operating Model Review

Wednesday 27 March, 2019

Client Challenge

There was a perception at senior levels within the business that the IT team was “heavy” in head count and did not deliver value for money. There had been departures within senior levels of the function and there had been little work done in recent years on the structure, skills and competences required to support the business.


Coeus quickly (within 2 weeks) conducted detailed analysis of the current IT function.

This included a review of the current operating model and organisational structure, analysis of the IT metrics, highlighting the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to understand the base IT costs and benchmark the current FTE headcount and reviewed the mix of resources (internal versus external).

Coeus also reviewed the current governance, forums and boards to run the function.


The new IT operating model and organisational structure facilitated a 10% headcount reduction, saving the organisation over £2m per annum, which was over a 10% per annum spend.

The new model aligned the Service function into a ‘tower’ model bringing key skills together, supporting personal development and critically improved delivery quality and speed to the business.

Furthermore, the new model facilitated engagement with the business and highlighted the value delivered by the IT function.


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