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Helping A Client Scale IOT Competitively, Future-Proof Its Operating Model & Transform Its Ways Of Working

Wednesday 11 November, 2020

Client Challenge

A consumer products company wanted to explore the feasibility of building a nearshore IoT development centre. It wished to test the market potential for future IoT offerings and to reshape the company’s cross-selling product.

The existing organisation was highly reliant on external suppliers and contractor staffing, which had resulted in a loss of key knowledge, and an increased risk to the ongoing maintenance of the current arrangements. The existing operating model was inflexible and unable to scale to meet future business demands.

The client recognised the need to update its operating model, cascade changes to its organisational structure, and transform its ways of working in order to scale to meet future IoT service demands.

Coeus Consulting was asked to help the client undertake a review and refresh its existing operating model and to make recommendations in line with the business' strategic aspirations.
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