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Helping Global Architecture Function Deliver More Business Benefit Through Increased Clarity

Thursday 03 March, 2022

Client Challenge

The client, a large Fortune 100 company, wanted to bring clarity to its Architecture function to enable it to work more efficiently with other key teams in Business and IT and to deliver greater business benefits to the organisation.   

More specifically, the client needed to resolve issues pertaining to a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities within the Architecture function, by providing clear job descriptions & development plans  to the internal staff. 

They also needed to ensure that accountability for the design of new systems was clearly articulated and enforced throughout the IT environment. 

The function also had ambitions to build closer bridges with the business functions to ensure that new systems design met their needs and aligns to their strategy. They were also keen to build more external market awareness and ensure that the clients technologies and approach were following best practice in the wider industry. 

A final challenge was to optimise cost through the architecture and design of the technologies that were put in place rather than as a post design activity – inherent cost optimisation.


Coeus was engaged to design and provide advice on how to take forward a new Operating Model for the Architecture function.  

Working with the technology areas, business management and senior management teams in IT, we designed an Operation model that met the needs of the client at all levels. 

This was done by understanding the current issues, deign goals and the current strategy for IT – and where the Architecture team fitted in. 

We then needed agreement on key deliverables and functions of the Architecture function, based on the needs of the client and the wider market place. Agreement was reached with all of the core teams in the client organisation including the technical teams, business aligned functions and senior management / strategy function. 

Key constraints and targets were gathered and fed into the Operating Model, including areas such as financial goals, legal constraints, business projects and timings. 


Coeus produced an Operating Model and implementation plan that gave the client a clear understanding of what the Architecture team should deliver and how the function should interact with other key team in the business and IT. 

For example, its relationship with the Development and Infrastructure teams, which produced much greater levels of efficiency and less duplication of effort. 

More focus was put on delivering benefit to the business, with output linked to business enablement and strategy and / or cost optimisation, not just purely technology driven roadmaps. 

A clear method for collaboration was created between the Architecture disciplines to create a joined up solution for strategic initiatives.

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