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Helping A Pharmaceutical Company Source & Deploy A Best-In-Class Global HR System

Tuesday 03 May, 2022

Client Challenge

The client, an international pharmaceutical company, were looking for help with sourcing a best-in-class HR system and with its deployment across 17 countries of operation.

The Group HR department did not have a clear picture of the data quality and HR management practices across its 17 countries of operation for both permanent and contract staff.

This resulted in an incomplete and non-standardised view of HR data in terms of their job role, department, employee ID and employee non-salary benefits across the various European subsidiaries.

The CIO and HR Director had identified a need for a pan-Group HR Information Management system, driving towards a standard set of employee journey processes, including full on-boarding to termination, including employee development management.

The client was looking for high ROI by using all functionalities of the system, with a single org chart and a clear start and leavers' process across the organisation.

The client also needed help to deploy key processes, for permanent and contract staff, in partnership with the 4 largest countries.

It was also important that the solution delivered a single, GDPR compliant, single source of truth via a secure central storage, across the organisation for accurate HR reporting.

Coeus Approach To HR System Sourcing

Rapid RFI process: Using its knowledge of SaaS HR systems, Coeus ran a rapid RFI process on a high-quality long-list; this enabled an understanding of the capabilities of various providers in the HR market and provided functionality assessment and budgetary pricing to feed into the business case.

Shortlist and BAFO: Coeus executed a robust sourcing process, based on an iterative competitive dialogue approach on a short-list of four providers, enabling product selection within required timescales, and stakeholder alignment on the recommendation.

Coeus used an iterative sourcing strategy and plan incorporating RFI and BAFO processes, as it allowed close cooperation with the client and continuous refinement of requirements throughout the process.

Final workshops were run with two down-selected vendors to clarify assumptions and ensure alignment on proposed solutions.

Stakeholders were continually engaged across the 4 major countries and corporate functions and HQ to ensure buy-in and alignment.

Coeus Approach To HR System Deployment

Project Management Office: Coeus prepared an activity level detailed work plan incorporating data readiness, analysis, standardization, migration, sand-box testing, training and IT framework which allowed continuous track of entire programme.

Designed Product Roadmap: Coeus designed product and phased functionality deployment roadmap to enable the HR processes using the system to evolve over time and provided the clear roles and responsibilities of IT and HR in managing the SaaS product.
Activity: Coeus started the programme with a kick-off workshop with 17 HR heads from across the various European countries to push the readiness of data and implementation of HR system.

Coeus prepared activity level detailed work plans incorporating data readiness, analysis, standardization, migration, sand-box testing, training and IT framework which allowed continuous track of entire programme and smooth implementation across all 17 countries.

The stakeholders were continually engaged across the 17 countries for smooth implementation.


Sourcing Programme
The client benefited from Coeus’ award-winning* sourcing expertise, which ensured that a robust and thorough sourcing process and vendor selection was put in place.

This included clear and specific RFI questions and supporting material, enabling tailored and high-quality responses. Additionally, the client was provided with best pricing and comparative costs through Coeus’ stringent RFI/BAFO processes.

Coeus also lead stakeholder engagement and buy-in to ensure alignment on final product selection recommendation.

Programme deployment
Coeus helped the client centralize its HR System to manage its processes, data and employee engagement.

The programme effectively delivered a single, GDPR compliant, single source of truth across the organization for accurate HR reporting, and delivered internal services (starters, leavers, performance management) more efficiently.

The new system also saved a significant amount of time by deploying common standards and processes across the Group and provided cost transparency to Country and Global HR leads.

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