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IT Strategy Review For A Chartered Institute

Tuesday 26 March, 2019

Client Challenge

Coeus was asked to review and update the IT strategy for this highly-regarded national membership organisation.

The existing IT provision (including a highly customised CRM system) was not considered to be fit for purpose and both systems and governance / delivery needed change.

The support required included:

  • A current state assessment to understand existing capabilities, informed through stakeholder interviews and documentation review
  • Analysis of the existing capabilities and business need
  • Development of the roadmap activities needed to progress the IT Strategy and develop a further 3-5 year vision
  • Supporting socialising the new strategy at all levels of the organisation from individuals in IT to the board and NEDs.


The overall objective was to form a detailed understand of the organisational business needs and current IT capability to propose a set of IT changes that would ensure ongoing alignment to business goals.

This involved:

  • An initial review covering systems, business capabilities, users and future plans
  • A set of structured stakeholder interviews to gain a better understanding of the business needs and existing gaps
  • Construction of a clear view on the future of the organisation, based on the changing role of membership organisations, to help define IT needs
  • Identification of a clear set of opportunities based on evidenced gaps, including areas such as CRM changes, cloud and business relationships
  • Development of a roadmap and prioritised activity plan to construct a detailed, business aligned and highly relevant updated strategy.

The Coeus team worked closely with senior IT and business staff to ensure we had a clear understanding of business needs and that there was clear evidence for the strategic IT recommendations. The deliverables to support this work included:

      • A high level plan with milestones agreed to support focus on deliverables in the agreed sequence and business benefit timelines
      • A slide deck detailing the approach, gaps and opportunities identified and actions needed to address (including an IT capability assessment)
      • A high-level roadmap prioritizing the identified actions and including any other activities needed to progress the strategy
      • A presentation to senior stakeholders to summarise the review.


The aim of this engagement was to develop a well – evidenced and supported clear set of actions to support development of an updated, more relevant IT function.

The benefits of the Coeus engagement included:

  • A clear alignment from the business strategy and plans to the IT roadmap
  • Development of a clear set of governance arrangements and IT principles
  • Identification and development of additional strategic opportunities based on external experience and trends, such as use of cloud services and data strategies
  • Prioritisation of activities based on business value, cost and ease of implementation
  • Demonstrated stakeholder support for all strategic activities 
  • Further opportunities for cost reduction and avoidance.

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