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Maximising The Benefits From A New GIS Operating Model

Wednesday 05 July, 2017

Client Challenge

The client, a global pharmaceutical, wanted to take back control and ownership of key processes from service providers. It was recognised that this presented an opportunity to assess their organisation and to realign themselves to maximise the benefits from the new GIS operating model. 

To achieve this, the client needed to make significant changes to how it delivered Global Infrastructure Services (GIS). 


Coeus combined its experience, industry best practice and the client’s specific needs to create a Domain Map. Using this as a base, a capability maturity model was developed to assess where they stood and to agree appropriate target levels for each Domain. 

The Project Portfolio was mapped against the domains to assess alignment with corporate, Group IT and GIS drivers. 

This enabled the development of Architecture Roadmaps focusing on capabilities and on how Architecture supports the business: 

  • Three-level Domain Map comprising Domains, Sub Domains and Services 
  • Capability Maturity Model for each element of the Domain Map 
  • Architecture Roadmaps 
  • Project Portfolio/Corporate Drivers Map


The architectural maps provided a new way of working and managing the infrastructure with sound business cases and plans for a 3 to 5 year programme. 

The Domain Map provides a basis upon which Architecture could be realigned to support the new GIS operating model. 

The Capability Maturity model was used to identify key areas requiring development across the infrastructure landscape. It was also combined with the Project Portfolio Map to identify inconsistencies and to provide better alignment between initiatives and strategic direction. 

The architecture roadmaps were developed in line with, and as a key component of, individual Service Strategies. This ensured the overall direction of GIS remained aligned with business needs and with Group IT drivers.