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Optimising Performance & Saving €92M On Network & Communications Sourcing

Wednesday 21 October, 2020

A global energy firm needed advice around its network and communications sourcing. Coeus delivered an award-winning project that far exceeded the client's expectations: €92 million in savings, accelerated value and certain outcomes, but also increased flexibility and proactive innovation.


The client, a global energy firm, found that it was facing a 16% increase in Network Services run costs just to stand still.

The temptation to simply remain with the incumbent provider was strong as services were generally stable and any change or transition would be potentially long and complex to implement.

However, pressure from the business to reduce cost and an awareness of emerging network and cloud managed communication technologies encouraged the client to explore transformative options from the market.

At the very least, the client wanted to keep its run costs at the same level. Ideally it wanted a strategic partner who would commit to helping it drive cost reduction and innovation. 



The project outcomes far exceeded expectations. All the projects objectives were met or exceeded, and the new deal delivers:

- 92million euros in savings (The client's decision to go to market and rigorous selection process is set to deliver a projected 92million in business case savings)

- Modern and flexible modular contract framework

- 12 new and 45 enhanced SLAs

- 47% run-rate savings over five years

- A much broader service catalogue

- Improved lead times

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