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Delivering 30% Saving By Changing Digital Workplace Services Suppliers

Thursday 18 November, 2021

A global utility company required independent, external support with the outsourcing of their modernised digital workplace services.

The client was struggling with significant service deficiencies and technical debt, as the company’s existing long-term outsourcing relationship had failed to deliver on innovation and technical refresh of services.


Coeus conducted a short market-testing exercise to help support the decision to exercise the contractual breakpoint with the incumbent supplier. The process was expedited using Coeus’ templates and methodologies.

Coeus consequently managed supplier engagement through an RFP process, using an iterative agile approach to support suppliers’ understanding and solutions.

The Client team was lead through the stakeholder management process for down-selection, and was supported with business case and supporting materials for decision-making.

Finally, Coeus advised on contract negotiation strategy and execution with the preferred supplier.


The benefits for the global Utility included improved commercials, delivering 30% saving on run costs.
The client also benefitted from a transformed environment, delivering the latest technology and tooling.

Furthermore, user satisfaction was improved, through improved speed to deliver and reduced downtime, and a new contractual framework was introduced to support continuous innovation and technology refresh.

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