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Transforming Client's Call Centre CRM For The Future

Wednesday 28 June, 2017

Client Challenge

The client, a global consumer products company, required a review of the changing role of its contact centre and its contribution to the current CRM system. This was to prepare it to become the single point of contact for the entire business, and to support eCommerce activities.   

The technology platform had been replaced 3 years ago, and combined an industry standard platform with a bespoke application. This application provided integration with the SAP ERP platform to aid call handling. 


Coeus analysed the Current State of the client’s contact centre and current costs against industry benchmarks.  

We also assessed the alignment of the technology stack with the business vision to ensure 3 – 5 years of lifespan, and provided research of current contact centre technology market with an “art of the possible” based on business aspiration. 

This provided a commercial approach to adapt the IT management to suit the company’s projected requirements.  

Coeus provided a Current State analysis, with an overview of:  

  • Functionality provided to the business by the current Contact Centre 
  • The bespoke application, why it was used and how it fitted client requirements 

We provided a cost analysis, including a breakdown of current costs and how this relate to the initial contract and a benchmark of technology cost per seat. 

Finally, we provided a contact centre 3-5 year business plan and outlook that included an assessment of the alignment of the technology stack with the business vision to ensure 3 – 5 years of lifespan, and an overview of the current contact centre technology market with an “art of the possible” based on the broad-brush stroke statement of business aspiration. 


The main benefit was a clear set of business, technology and commercial recommendations driving a timeline to develop the channel strategy and the future of the contact centre in the context of the organisation's CRM. 

The client also benefited from an increased awareness of digital transformation and the technology enablers required. It also had a renewed understanding of the current contact centre implementation/timeline and clear gap analyses to the market outlook. 

Lastly, the client benefited from understanding external factors influencing the contact centre requirements, such as group & business initiatives and was able to benchmark itself against peers.