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Providing An Applications Roadmap To Improve Strategy And Business Operations

Wednesday 28 June, 2017

Client Challenge

The client, a large consumer goods company, had a large and complex application landscape with a mixture of local and global application solutions.  

There was also misalignment with business strategy, with an unclear application roadmap and vision. The current landscape and roadmap required rationalisation and planning based on known initiatives and business requirements. The roadmap needed to close current gaps and challenges. 

These factors complicated all decision making relating to application roadmaps and refreshes, leading to elongated decision-making processes, duplication of applications and sub-optimal outcomes.  


Coeus were asked to develop a future application landscape and roadmap. Firstly, we conducted a current state review to fully understand applications, categories, business functions and alignment to business units. 

Following this, business requirements and other known initiatives were overlaid to show potential gaps. We worked to understand both the current application landscape and roadmaps and also the business initiatives and requirements.  

The team delivered an applications roadmap centralised around the business strategy and vision. This included an assessment of the current application landscape and roadmaps with an alignment lens against business units and regions. We created 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' application heatmap templates to be rolled out across Europe using client’s process model. 

Finally, we created a 3-year application roadmap overlaying business demand and application refresh and a proposal for modelling application costs and quantities over 3 years.


Working with Coeus, the client was able to set a strategic roadmap to standardise on applications and infrastructure, reducing the footprint and application costs.  

Within the architecture practice, this formed the foundations to provide a company-wide understanding of their application landscape; to provide an architecture strategy and model the roadmap for the next 5 years.