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Providing Independent, Best Practice Insights To A Complex Modernisation And Sourcing Programme

Wednesday 28 June, 2017

Client Challenge

The client, a global utility company, required a review of their modernisation and sourcing programme. The programme's goal was to deliver a more business-orientated, agile and cost-effective IT platform through the implementation of a new Cloud environment and a DevOps framework.  

Given the importance and complexity of the programme, with multiple work streams trying to operate in parallel, the client required an independent external review of the programme, technical deliverables and recommendations on how the quality assurance process should operate.  

The client was facing ever-increasing demand from the business on service performance, whilst at the same time entering non-competition contract re-negotiations with their two global infrastructure providers.  

They required independent verification on the contractual service levels to ensure that they met the very latest in good industry practice, both in terms of the service level targets and the measurement and reporting of the targets.


The Coeus team conducted a full review of the current contractual outsource service levels, comparing them against Coeus’ service level database and best practice guidelines. This enabled us to assess whether the Service Levels provided the required benefits. 

We conducted a full review of the modernisation programme, its structure, whether it was set-up for success and was going to deliver the intended benefits on time, including: 

  • Establish whether the supplier could deliver the Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and DevOps environments on time and to the right quality 
  • Review of the major programme delivery documents, in line with the client’s methodology,  

Coeus provided a negotiation strategy for the outsource along with Service Levels, measurement benchmarks and Service Credits; a full programme review detailing progress to date, major risks with mitigations and recommendations. 

We also gave recommendations on the technical concepts being provided by the supplier and how they should be delivered to meet the client’s requirements; and process design and recommendations on how progress and quality should be tracked and assured moving forwards.


Coeus' engagement provided independent insights into service performance management, which highlighted the challenges of implementing a number of the contractual measures and recommended alternative approaches for incorporation in contract negotiations.  

We also highlighted the deficiencies in the service measurement and service credit principles, which were causing the misalignment between business perception. 

Coeus’ recommendations supported a complete re-planning exercise (not just pushing dates back again), establishing a deliverable plan with appropriate workstreams and creditable technical solution.