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Reducing Complexity And Improving Buy-In Through Commercial Management Optimisation

Wednesday 28 June, 2017

Client Challenge

One of the world's largest private forest owners and global manufacturers faced the challenge that their IT charging model to the business had become very complex, taking excessive time to administer, often with poor accuracy. This was combined with minimal buy-in and acceptance from the Business Units receiving the IT bill. 

In addition, the overall model for IT financial management needed to be re-aligned to a new, more efficient approach that leveraged the capacity and capability of the existing team (or highlighted skills gaps and operating model issues where appropriate) along with where to adopt industry best practice.


Coeus was engaged to review the current position and recommend a new way forward for the IT Finance / Controlling team and to document the ‘as is’ position, listing issues and opportunities for improvement.  

We reviewed this with IT and business reference groups in order to build and provide full recommendations for all aspects of financial management, including the optimal model for charging / billing of IT services to the Business Units. 

We then developed a detailed project and implementation plan and set the organization on their new journey including developing a new Budget model (also including retro-fitting the previous year’s budget data).


The client received a sustainable IT financial and commercial model that controlled cost for the business.  

IT provided a new industry and service aligned budget and cost management & reporting model. Also, a new IT charging model that gained acceptance by the business up to Executive / Board level.  

This new model provided greater accuracy and greatly reduced the complexity and time required by IT to administer.