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IT Strategy Review To Highlight How Digital Transformation Could Improve Profitability

Wednesday 28 June, 2017

Client Challenge

The client, a global membership association, needed to ensure that their digital strategy and documentation was aligned with best practice for the Association and Publishing sectors, and approached Coeus to provide a review and propose improvements.  

The documentation, whilst mostly complete, was written in several parts by different authors and was not clearly managed or maintained. Above all, there was no clear alignment with the business strategies.


Coeus consultants reviewed the documentation set provided and met with the IT management of the institution to discuss it. 

We undertook a short review of business trends in the Association sector and Publishing Sector, and made recommendations on the findings.  

The Coeus team provided a document that showed the trends in the Charitable Association and Publishing sectors. We provided a comprehensive page by page review of the documentation and recommended a new document structure that would improve flow and readability.


The client received insight on how to modify their strategies to use Digital Transformation to maintain and grow membership, and revenues, whilst maintaining their trusted network core.  

They also received recommendations on how to improve their business, find ways of improving the profitability of their publishing house and possible ways forward for the IT department. 

We also provided suggestions on improving the readability of their strategy without significantly altering it and some recommendations as to how to align their IT strategy with their business strategies.