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Assisting A Global Utility Company To Identify Commercial Opportunities For An Optical Fibre Network

Friday 04 December, 2020

Coeus were asked to provide strategy & business opportunity analysis for a global Utility company.



The client was investigating the feasibility of investing in a fibre optic network, and in completing the full assessment, various challenges were encountered.

Firstly, they needed help with identifying potential business opportunities based on existing infrastructure & recommended future investment.

Secondly, they found that the operational telecommunications network was not being used to full capacity. Lastly, they needed advice around identifying a set of potential telecom business services, and with establishing the technical & commercial feasibility of these services, i.e. using the client’s established network to generate additional revenue.


Coeus performed a review of the company’s assets and infrastructure, including hardware capability to provide the services. Potential service offerings were identified & prioritised based on specific criteria, such as market size, implementation complexity or competition intensity.

A review of the existing skills and capabilities within the company was performed to identify ability to support the selling, marketing and on-going provision of the proposed services & any gaps that require addressing. The key deliverables were:

  • Service Offering Identification - A prioritised set of potential services for initial market entry, including competitor analysis, potential customers & market sizes
  • Capability Model - High-level capability and resourcing requirements for potential service offerings
  • Investment Case - A high-level investment case to support Go/No-Go decision making
  • Technical Analysis - Analysis of existing and required infrastructure & technology to support desired services



The outcomes for the client included a clear understanding of current infrastructure and assets, including the footprint of existing network routes & identified priority areas
Coeus worked with the client to identify feasible potential service offerings, including market & competitor assessments.
Lastly, a clear understanding of the investment required & expected return on investment – the analysis included CAPEX & OPEX to launch & operate a set of 4 potential service offerings.

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