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Technical Debt Remediation: Strategy Development And Programme Mobilisation

Tuesday 26 March, 2019

Leveraging Coeus’ earlier programme justification activities for this Financial Services organisation, we were further engaged to assist the organisation to mobilise and structure the programme of work to begin remediation of their technical debt. The organisation had a history of failed delivery of large technical change programmes.

The organisation had a history of failed delivery of large technical change programmes. Coeus identified this as being due to:

  • Operational teams who were continually engaged in fire-fighting
  • A lack of technical roadmaps and standards had left them with a fragmented technical estate
  • A new architecture team who were struggling to strike a balance between understanding & resolving the legacy issues and plot a strategic direction
  • Significant change in the senior leadership team providing an opportunity to break away from historical practices
  • Working with the client, Coeus identified a number of key activities that would enable the organisation to begin to deal with its technical debt and establish new ways of working.


Coeus proposed supporting the client in developing a set of technical strategies and structuring the programme of work to tackle the highest priority technical debt issues. This included:

  • Prioritised the set of strategies that should be created to provide clear direction to the technical debt remediation activities
  • Engaged with the architecture team to ensure that they accepted ownership of the strategies – “do with, not do to”
  • Provided technical assurance and governance to quality assure the delivered strategies – constructively challenging the clients mindset and providing fresh insights and subject matter expertise
  • Collaborating with the client programme management organisation to structure and organise the programme
  • Advising on appropriate programme governance and controls, supporting the client programme management team to challenge existing ways of working
  • The team delivered a set of strategies and a fully formed and mobilised programme to deliver the highest priority technical debt issues. Critically, these were owned and able to be taken forward by the client organisation.


The deliverables created a strong platform to enable the technical debt remediation programme to mobilise.

Key stakeholders were engaged in the need to begin to tackle to the technical debt issues

A compelling business case enabled the client to clear internal governance and secure resources in a timely manner

Well-articulated and comprehensive strategies demonstrated to the new architecture team the standard for their future activities

Provided the IT leadership team with a clear understanding of the programme enabling them to communicate IT to wider business stakeholders

Elimination of inter & intra programme dependencies & constraints

Clarity of resource requirements for the year facilitated open conversations, in a timely manner, about the capacity and capability to deliver.