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Technology and Sourcing Strategy for Global Membership Organisation

Tuesday 26 March, 2019

The client, a large Financial Services provider, was facing a huge issue with process duplication, complexity and technical debt in it’s core consumer credit division and systems, including across customer relationship management platforms.

This was causing unacceptable risk, excess cost of support and change, hampering it’s ability to deliver digital services to colleagues and customers.

Coeus was asked to map the required business capabilities needed to unify disparate product lines, and then propose an architecture and investment and benefit roadmap that would allow sensible phasing of digital transformations to realise changes in a sustainable and self-funding manner.


The technology team was also engaged closely to assess the state of current systems and discuss and develop the future state.Coeus used industry standard capability mapping techniques and tooling to create a capability map of the business, which was then developed through a series of collaborative workshops

Coeus worked with the business teams and finance to underpin the future state with a cost and benefit model that looked at operating model and skills, technology and licensing, and potential customer and revenue benefits.

Coeus worked closely across the business and IT Teams, and with senior leadership to deliver:

A new and compete capability map that could fully describe what the business needed to deliver 
  • An assessment of capabilities to highlight where most improvement and benefit could be delivered
  • Process maps for core customer journey processes that unified across different delivery channels
  • Target functional architectures that stepped towards the final transformed state
  • An investment and benefit roadmap that matched to each phase showing cost impacts and benefits that could be realised both in IT and Business Units
  • Engagement with likely core platform vendors to underpin the transformation case with detail and estimates


The client was given a full roadmap, ready to begin a £10m transformation, along with a business case to gain approval from the board level – delivering circa £49m over 3-5 years.

The benefit areas to be delivered included:

    • Improved Marketing Capability
    • Improved Customer Self-Service and Processes
    • Simplified Governance & Compliance
    • Removed Process Waste
    • Simplified Technology Landscape
    • Reduced Cost To Serve across business and IT
    • Reduced Cost of delivery of change