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The key challenge of balancing the modern need to be flexible and innovative, against the timeless challenge of cutting cost and maintaining current systems – and all without disrupting the business – remains. Added to this, organisations are finding the environment is increasingly complex.

The mix of insourced and outsourced solutions and systems, along with years of acquisitions and mergers often result in different systems, processes and data management. Often, new transition or transformations programmes are being initiated before the previous or current initiative has been completed, meaning things are left incomplete and success criteria are never achieved - and often not even measured 

These factors make it harder for IT leaders to deliver strategic change along with realising the expected benefits of cost savings or embedding improved capabilities. This situation is exacerbated in complex environments, made up of insourced and outsourced services, data-rich but knowledge-poor, or where migrations have resulted in multiple systems and competing processes.   

Clearly robust but flexible process design and change methodologies are required to manage the lifecycle of the portfolio of programmes, projects and initiatives. Benefits need to be identified with a clear plan of how, and over what time frame, they will be realised. To ensure high levels of adoption and benefit realisation, the impact on staff, culture and ways of working needs to be identified and worked through.


With experience of delivery across multiple sectors over the last 20 years, Coeus consultants can support IT leaders to achieve more from their IT change initiatives, IT transitions and IT transformations. 

Coeus is able to take IT departments through a varying level of change, by providing expertise, guidance, market insight and overarching programme management support. 

When delivering a large transition or transformational change we help IT leaders add value by establishing or running a PMO tailored to their needs: this can range from an Executive PMO function, managing business cases and benefits for large programmes or an overarching portfolio, or a Project Support Office focusing on reporting, schedules, tooling and methods.  

The Coeus Change Management approach provides a staged model to guide organisations through change, looking at alternatives and mitigation strategies to support the needs of any IT programme. Our approach focuses on high levels of engagement and adoption of those affected by the change, working through underlying causes of resistance to achieve shared benefit and improved capability from the transition or transformation effort. 

For those IT organisations that have already started their change programme, Coeus can combine these approaches to assure, and if required improve, the current programme of work to ensure deliverables are achieved and business case benefits are realised.



Kerry Osborne is our Change Delivery lead

Kerry is a passionate portfolio manager whose experience comes from leading large teams in the delivery of multi-million-pound Change Programmes across a variety of clients and sectors. She has experience working in a number of challenging environments delivering national critical infrastructure, applications and services. Most recently Kerry has managed large Sourcing programmes and been central to the entire lifecycle of the programmes: sourcing, tender, definition and delivery. She has received praise on her ability to build relationships quickly with key stakeholders and was shortlisted for 'Young Consultant of the Year' (MCA Awards, 2019).