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Empowering IT leaders to understand their true cost of IT and the levers available to ensure the best value for money.


IT leaders are expected to lower the IT cost base and improve services to the organisation, while also delivering innovative IT solutions and providing a competitive edge for the organisation.

This pressure has meant that many organisations have seen a proliferation of IT costs and control, with pockets of cost springing up all over the business. This leads to significant challenges in understanding the true cost of IT and the value that it generates for the business.

Gaining transparency and control is desired by most organisations, whilst at the same time trying to keep process and overheads to a minimum to aid agility and adaptability. However, few achieve this, meaning that businesses often do not understand the true cost of IT and cannot reflect the true cost levers in recharging mechanisms, leading to poor decision making.



Coeus' Commercial Management services empowers IT leaders by providing them with expertise in implementing successful controls and a variety of tools and methodologies to create the transparency required to make effective IT commercial decisions.

The same expertise can also assist with establishing the correct processes and governance to maintain control and transparency over the long term.



Michael Ward is our Commercial Management Lead

Michael has more than 25 years experience in IT and specialises in helping organisations drive and improve value from its IT investments. He is passionate about commercialising IT and transforming the role of IT in the modern enterprise.  He has built cost models for some of the largest global organisations, and used this transparency to identify and deliver cost savings of up to 30% in some cases. He has developed industry-leading research into the drivers of IT value, and his work has won the Global Sourcing Association’s “Award for Value Creation”.