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We are in an era of unprecedented connectivity, data growth and automation. Against a backdrop of increasing consumer awareness and regulatory change, this creates an exponentially growing challenge for organisations to assure that the cyber security risks that exist around people, process and technology are appropriately monitored, managed and improved.

Failing to address these risks will give rise to vulnerabilities, which can be exposed by accident or exploited by design. There are plenty of well-known examples of data losses by accident, or action by malicious attackers that have gained privileged access to information. The financial impact to organisations is increasingly grave to the top and bottom line, through increasing fines, legal action, loss of reputation and customers, or through cyber crime itself.

To achieve an appropriate level of security, and to ensure it is maintained and managed appropriately within the organisation, business leaders face several key challenges:

  • Strategic alignment with cyber security needs
  • Meeting changing landscape of different regulatory requirements
  • Keeping security up to date with emerging technologies
  • Keeping up to date with relevant security training and skills
  • Dealing with proliferation of data and its governance and management
  • Monitoring and responding appropriately to security incidents
  • Securing against zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks.



To resolve the challenges faced by business leaders and more, Coeus has developed a cyber security framework with the help of various industry-accepted practices and well-known frameworks, like NIST, SANS, ISO, CIS, ISF, ITIL and COBIT, which can help establish client-tailored risk-based strategies, deliver against these strategies and remediation plans, as well as propose improvements for the existing capabilities.



Coeus will work alongside organisations to assess their current state of technology and security maturity to assist in setting realistic, sustainable and long-term vision, strategies and roadmaps. These enable people, process, technology and tools to improve organisational threat landscape, while taking into consideration the organisation’s scale, appetite for change, level of risk and available resources.



With a strategy in place, Coeus has the skills and experience to support with all aspects of implementation with the right measures to manage risk. This could be implementing the operating model changes across people and process required to assure risks and vulnerabilities are properly managed, or driving the work needed to identify and enable specific solutions, tools, and platforms. We also support business leaders in defining and executing the appropriate controls, capabilities and risk appetites across various domains, based on the business needs and industry accepted practices.



To ensure cyber security practices are appropriately embedded into various IT functions within the business, various capabilities need to be reviewed, improved and audited on an ongoing basis. We can support business leaders with our vast expertise and industry knowledge to perform these activities to optimise security against the rapidly changing organisations threat landscape, the rise of new threats and highly sophisticated attacks.


Coeus has built a broad range of cyber security capabilities, developed through years of experience within the industry and varied multiple engagements, and across the life-cycle of security needs.

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Ashwani Talreja is our Cyber Security lead

Ashwani Talreja has rich professional experience across various cyber security domains. He holds multiple professional certifications and has served clients through many of the large consultancy firms. He has a wealth of technical expertise and specialises in cyber security maturity assessments, infrastructure architecture and security reviews, cyber security audits and building vulnerability management capabilities, supported by expertise from the wider Coeus team.