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View our 2020 CIO and IT Leadership Survey Report - Beyond Technology: How Can Organisations Drive Sustainable Value From Their Data Investments? - which highlights that many organisations are potentially failing to realise the potential value, or monetise, their data despite 74% acknowledging it as a key priority.  



Organisations are collecting more data today than they ever have before. This is driven by evolving digital channels and customer expectations, democratisation of data, proliferation of smart connected technologies and a significant decrease in the cost of general computation and storage. However, only a small proportion of businesses have been able to monetise or unlock value from their data in a way that has enabled demonstrable business impact and long-term competitive advantage.

The gap between truly data-driven organisations and those that report on information continues to widen. This, in our experience, is because converting data into insight and business value requires a fundamental change of mindset and approach, a far more complex challenge than just collecting it and making it available.

Some of the key challenges and pitfalls that we see are:


  • Not considering data management as a core competency, and failing to create tight linkages with business outcomes and driving process improvement
  • Understanding what data is available (and missing), the context and definition of that data, and where to focus activity, analysing and applying the data for the greatest benefit
  • Failure to have the right data governance framework and controls to comply with regulatory requirements, the exponential increase in structured and unstructured data, machine learning, intelligent process automation and the IoT
  • Not considering how to embed data capabilities into the organisation and operating model successfully, and understanding the balance of skills that will support and optimise a path to value
  • Being slow to deploy sustainable, actionable insights due to the lack of a formalised data lifecycle  
  • Attempting to keep pace with fast moving technology trends such as machine learning, AI and intelligent process automation, resulting in high investment (salaries, technologies) but low value or usefulness 
To succeed with data organisations require broad changes, focusing on journey and process lead transformations, and a clear iterative roadmap. The success of data initiatives requires excellence across the entire value chain; starting with collection through to curation and eventually the operational deployment of insights.



Making careful investments to understand what data will drive the greatest value, is equally, if not more, important than acquiring the latest technology platform solutions. Organisations have a much higher chance of succeeding in their initiatives when they take a holistic view around the following key elements of their data journey.

Coeus can help with every element of data-driven transformation. Our approach to enabling ‘Data Excellence’ starts with a diagnostic that combines our industry experience with established industry standards (DMBOK, DAMA, CMMI). We create strong cases for change and bring our specific technology expertise to develop or complement the client’s data strategy, recommend the appropriate operating model to speed up execution and support data operations covering all key aspects of the value chain.


Our approach is designed to deliver value quickly and is iterative based on the individual priorities of our clients. We can quickly diagnose gaps in data, and data quality, and where these are impacting key journeys and processes to drive improvement activity that has real impact.

We can apply our deep experience across technology, operating model and IT sourcing, alongside expertise in data, in order to:


  • Help to understand the core data items that are key to customer and colleague journeys, and that are the true drivers of value
  • Fast track the identification of data-driven change that can transform these processes and the value they drive, through improvements to quality, greater automation, or efficacy of outcomes
  • Define clear data strategies that articulate aspirations around what can be achieved and lays down necessary governance ensuring data remains usable and trustworthy on an ongoing basis
  • Build a data operating model that is flexible and scalable so that organisational data capabilities and skills can be accessed when and wherever required
  • Support the selection of the technology capabilities that enable collecting and processing data from a variety of sources
  • Ensure the organisation’s data supply chains make it easy for the right people to access the right data in the right format for rapid insight generation on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure that the organisation is well-prepared to respond to evolving data and privacy regulations.

Our services enable our clients to develop the much-needed value-centric view of their data and we will stand by them in translating that view into reality. We can support organisations to put data at the centre of transformational activity, whether that is through changes in operating model, application changes, outsource and optimisation of services or meeting regulatory needs.



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Shakti Mohapatra is our Data and Analytics lead

Shakti is an experienced Data & Analytics Strategy, Data Governance, IT Operating Model, IT strategy and business consulting professional with more than 15 years within technology advisory and industry leadership roles, including previously at Amazon, Hitachi and Wipro. Working with blue-chip clients within the consumer goods, retail, telecom, financial services, healthcare, and automotive sectors across 4 different countries, Shakti has helped secure significant cost savings for his clients via the adoption of new technology, automation, and digital enablement strategies.