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IT procurement programmes tend to finish with a sense of satisfaction for a job well done that will deliver stability and rich rewards into the foreseeable future. With a well-executed and written agreement combined with the right commercial and service management in place that is, to some extent, true.

However, new solutions continually displace what were sound judgements in the not so distant past. An obvious example would be the proliferation of Cloud / SaaS offerings that solve issues like capacity management and conformance to the ‘vanilla’ dream but may sit awkwardly with prior investment in tin and infrastructure.

Then there’s Agile. The new black, and rightly so, but creating a real sourcing headache for those answerable to the Board for where the money’s going. Accountability is problematic across mixed teams chasing dynamic agendas of product owners. The goal is an eco-system of partners that work collaboratively and deploy responsively, but control is needed in this melee.

There’s market disruption all the while. Aside from SaaS 2.0, the East vs West battle for domination continues while smaller nimbler players pick off increasingly juicy clients. We also see technology led competition starting to topple seemingly untouchable deals in the network arena. Agile ways of working change the rule book on labour arbitrage with staff augmentation all the rage.

The sourcing landscape is now as frenetic as it has ever been. The prizes are very large, but navigation towards them has never been so challenging or exciting! The Coeus Sourcing Team bring decades of experience and current insight that allow our clients to secure these benefits.


Coeus' IT procurement team have won awards for their innovative approach to digital sourcing, including the 'International Project of the Year' (Global Sourcing Association, 2018) which you can view here. We also count the Global Sourcing Association 'Digital Champion of the Year 2018', Richard Graham, amongst our team.

Our IT procurement experts deliver expert support at all stages in the IT sourcing lifecycle. At the procurement strategy stage, we test the effectiveness of, and value derived from, the existing supply chain and contrast this with the likely benefits from alternative sources and create a roadmap for change including outline business cases.

During implementation, we deploy skilled resources, tools and collateral to ensure selection of the optimal supplier landscape that underpins the realisation of business strategy and delivers added value to the enterprise including enhanced service levels.

Coeus help clients develop and implement best in class contracts focused on realising benefits and support our clients through negotiation and due diligence into live operation to secure the expected business case returns.

Once the deal is done, we like to stay close so that the client and supplier are both set up to focus on and deliver benefits in a transparent and self-sustaining way. When things go wrong our approaches to mediation and remedial action avoid costly service failings, disputes or unnecessary re-tendering. When change is needed we ensure exit and transition readiness is managed effectively to build a positive foundation for partnership and access early benefit realisation with the succeeding supplier.

At all stages we bring objectivity and challenge to help track collective client and supplier maturity and the value being delivered. This will typically mean a shared, but focused and therefore deliverable improvement plan to progressed to the measurable desired end state.


Coeus Consulting are a member of the Global Sourcing Association (GSA). Recent accolades include winning the 'Sourcing Works - Value Creation' Award in 2019 and the 'International Project of the Year' Award at the GSA Strategic Sourcing Awards (2018).


Additionally, Richard Graham from Coeus won the 'Digital Champion of the Year' and John Gorrell was a Finalist for the 'Strategic Leader of the Year' awards in the GSA Professional Awards 2018.

We apply our rich and deep expertise to the three phases of the project life cycle:

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Diana Murguia-Barrios is our Sourcing lead

Diana is an experienced and highly motivated management professional with over 8 years' experience in strategy & business planning, process & operational improvement, and sourcing & vendor management for private and public sector clients. Diana is proficient at working in fast-paced and dynamic environments dealing with complex technical matters. She has excellent stakeholder engagement and communication skills and an ability to identify and address clients’ business needs.