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Giving truly independent guidance 

Unlike many modern consultancy firms, we’re not also a systems integrator or vendor, and we’ve no arrangements with specific technology providers. 

This lets us keep our focus on our clients’ needs and ensures that – whatever technologies our clients are looking to leverage – they know they can trust our analysis and recommendations. 

Building strong relationships on deep experience 

It’s the size of our team and the depth of the experience it contains that lets Coeus serve its client’s long-term interests so effectively, building ever-stronger relationships. 

Unlike larger consultancies, we only recruit individuals with a minimum of 7-8 years relevant industry or consulting experience and established analytical skills. 

Instead of asking our clients to engage with a junior consultant working from a company playbook, we give clients direct access to seasoned professionals, who not only know established methodologies inside out, but crucially have the confidence to adapt or abandon them if they’re not the right fit. 

Guiding the next wave of industry disruptors 

Coeus isn’t simply challenging its own industry; as IT consulting specialists, we’re focused on helping our clients become disruptors too.  

Through expert coaching and guidance, we help clients transform their culture and their operations – aligning business and IT stakeholders and adopting more agile ways of working.

At the same time, we help our clients understand the opportunities that new and emerging technologies present for their business, as well as the best approach to implementation. And our annual survey of IT leaders helps clients compare their progress with peers and understand how to best use disruptive technologies. 

Right now, we’re helping one organisation develop a Robotic Process Automation centre of excellence that will deliver increased service levels and reduced costs. 

We’re helping another client disrupt their marketplace through the global roll-out of a new CRM platform that allows for more aggressive new customer acquisition.