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Across the energy and utility sector, significant political, economic and market pressures - including supply distribution and access issues, efforts to decarbonize energy generation, commodity cost volatility, the digital revolution and smart metering - pose significant physical, operational and technology challenges. 

Coeus has worked with the IT departments of companies across the sector and understands what it takes to turn these challenges into opportunities.


Increased competition, pressure from regulators and rapidly changing consumer behaviours are driving significant change within the utility sector. smart metering and digital thermostats, for example, Nest and Hive, are giving consumers far greater control over the amount and timing of the energy they use. Smart energy will allow well placed organisations to take advantage of the huge amounts of consumer data and customer insight, but the daily cyber security threats need to be controlled to ensure customer safety.

The proliferation of mobile devices and rate of digital adoption by consumers means utility companies can no longer offer just call centre facilities. Utility companies now need to provide an omni-channel experience similar to those being offered to consumers by other sectors, which means significant legacy system integration and process change is required as back end processing needs to interface into the new digital front end.

Oil and Gas

The current price volatility and increased competition require oil and gas companies to gain maximum return on investment (ROI) out of every deployed asset. Coeus understands it needs to provide technologies such as computing, analytics software, mobile solutions, and the cloud to support exploration and production, while at the same time securing the organisation from what our now daily cyber security threats.

Oil and gas companies need to ensure the safety of their employees, minimise environmental impact and ensure investment security. One of the key ways it can support these objectives is to capture real-time, accurate performance data from within the field and deliver it to the right person within the organisation. This requires an agile IT environment, which takes advantage of vast volumes of data and analytics to support business operations.

Achilles 2

Coeus joined the Achilles procurement framework on 9 May 2018 and were successfully audited for 'Verify Category A' in April 2020.

In 2019, Coeus Consulting won the Global Sourcing Association award for 'Value Creation', for their work with Electricity North West. View news release here and case study here.  

Coeus Consulting was awarded Bronze in Energy, Utilities & Environment and Oil & Gas in the Financial Times 'UK's Leading Management Consultants' 2022 ranking. View here

Simon Reynolds-1


Simon Reynolds is our Energy & Utilities Lead

Simon is a senior transformation leader who has a strong track record of managing multi-million pound transformation programmes at large Energy & Utilities organisations, helping them balance the challenges of legacy IT and embrace digital technology and transition. Simon lead the International Project of the Year (GSA Awards, 2018), a Network and Communications Sourcing programme that delivered c. €80M in savings for a major Energy client. He was also shortlisted for 'Team Leader of the Year' (MCA Awards, 2019). View a short video (3m) of Simon discussing how IT departments of Energy companies can deal with challenges such as M&A and decarbonisation here.