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Today’s marketplace is constantly changing meaning that successful organisations need to be able to quickly adapt, providing their customers with high quality products and services within an affordable cost base.  Traditionally, keeping pace with the market has been costly and lengthy due to the required amount of change  within an organisation.

DevOps creates Agility within an organisation, harnessing collaboration between teams, bringing the Business closer to IT.  By eliminating traditional silo’s a continuous delivery model is created where products and services can be rapidly developed and deployed at minimal cost. 

The example benefits that organisations have experienced from implementing a DevOps structure include:

  • Reduced cost base due to elimination of silo’s and centralisation of resources
  • Collaboration across multiple lines of Business, increasing the speed to market
  • Simplified processes, eliminating bottle-necks
  • Improved communication, ensuring requirements are accurate and well understood
  • Re-usable product building blocks further reducing time to market
  • High quality, stable service due to end-end service visibility
  • High performing teams with varied roles for personnel, driving up employee satisfaction
  • Clear ownership and accountability within the organisation
  • Ability to easily integrate Cloud, SaaS and PaaS capabilities without constant re-engineering the operating model
  • Flexible operating models to meet future requirements
  • Maximised benefit from Agile investment

In order for DevOps to be successful, organisations must ensure that they don’t simply consolidate operational teams and re-use existing processes.  The continuous delivery nature of DevOps means that traditional governance processes are simplified and that ‘requirements and priorities’ will frequently change.  Such changes need to be suitably managed and whilst processes have been simplified, delivery progress and quality still need to be maintained. Without such focus, organisations fail to meet business requirements and over a period of time tend to revert to their old style of operation, diminishing the investments they have made.



At Coeus we appreciate that our clients may be at different points in their ‘DevOps’ journey, some just commencing whilst others may be struggling to gain the benefit and flexibility from recent or previous investment in DevOps.  We have a track record of working closely with our clients to understand their requirements, implementing suitable solutions based on our extensive DevOps knowledge. Each client is treated as an individual and our solutions are tailored to meet their specific needs. Typically, we work with key stakeholders to define and agree the approach, involving their teams along the way for implementation.

Our people have successfully implemented DevOps solutions through a wide range of sectors including Financial Services and Utilities. They use their end to end knowledge of the solution to guide clients through definition and transition ensuring they avoid common pitfalls. At Coeus we pride ourselves on successful delivery hence we closely monitor benefits realization to ensure our clients gain maximum benefit from their investment.

We appreciate that our clients require minimal operational disruption whilst implementing DevOps solutions. Coeus resources possess operational experience and therefore have firsthand experience of the potential challenges faced in implementing a DevOps model. This gives them the ability to navigate our clients through the DevOps journey to a successful outcome.

DevOps Design and Implementation:

Define and implement successful continuous delivery IT solutions ensuring our clients have a world class, cost effective operation.  Truly move the Business closer to IT, removing traditional silo’s, delivering a collaborative / agile culture. Why wait weeks and months to deliver your next set of products when you could be delivering them today.