The public sector is currently going through an aggressive period of digitisation largely driven by market demand and governed by Government Digital Services, who have been tasked with bringing public sector IT into the 21st century

The ever-increasing focus on the use of technology to deliver better services to customers with lower overheads is as important to public sector organisations as to other industries. The digital agenda set by the cabinet office department, the Government Digital Service (GDS) has a clear view on better meeting end user requirements, demystifying technology and providing the public sector market with cost-efficient solutions, effective routes to market and increased innovation. Part of this aim is met through improved access and use of bespoke third- party service providers through frameworks such as G Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS).  

Coeus, as a completely independent bespoke third-party provider, helps organisations to create, execute and manage the strategic change enabled by technology. Our consultants boast a wealth of public sector experience across Central Government, Defence and Security, Local Authorities and Healthcare. This domain knowledge, combined with our technology and change expertise helps us quickly deliver focused answers, highly effective recommendations to public sector organisations and enables us to stand alongside them during the delivery of complex transformation programmes. 

Head of Public Sector, Keith Thomas, shares his views on 'How Local Government Can Make A Success of Digital Transformation' in this short video [2.39m].

Coeus' areas of expertise include: 

  • Digital transformation design and implementation for local authorities 
  • Digital healthcare, combined delivery and shared access to data (including patient records) 
  • IT strategic reviews for membership organisations, local authorities and large central bodies 
  • Critical tool / system selection for central authorities 
  • Strategic IT sourcing, including experience with the majority of IT suppliers to public sector organisations 
  • Analytics, data quality and data management 

We are familiar with the GDS digital standards with our consultants having worked on numerous projects guided by these.  

Coeus Consulting are on both the G Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists CCS frameworks: 

We currently offer the following services on the G-Cloud 9 Framework: 

  • IT Strategy 
  • Sourcing 
  • Architecture Services 
  • Service Integration and Management 
  • Transition and Transformation 

If you wish to procure our services under a different framework agreement then please contact us.