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To adapt for success, technology and media companies are changing their business strategies to keep pace with the current rate of innovation.

Companies within this industry are used to working at the forefront of technology but the changes the underlying IT industry are going through are so rapid and dramatic, and the change in the consumer’s requirements so considerable, that the sector is undergoing major disruption.

Change in the technology provider marketplace, with increased maturity of cloud services, open-source, standards and software taking positions that were previously hardware specific, is driving both consolidation within the existing supplier sectors and enabling lower barriers to entry for new innovative service providers. These same forces are increasing agility whilst transforming the commercial models for technology, bringing both opportunity and risk in the technology, media & communications marketplace.

The digital world is all about disruption and dare we say it, innovation in a constant cycle of change. Gone are the one-off transformation initiatives as companies need to be able to adapt every minute of every day of every year - outdated infrastructures inhibit many companies’ ability to pivot and grow. Regulatory change, sovereignty boarders and laws changing are driving changes throughout communications, technology provision and cloud services provision & consumption.

The service companies find themselves in a similar position to many of their customers i.e. trying to keep up with technological, cultural and financial changes; trying to support existing technology investments and commitments whilst enabling the transition to new technology revolutions. A graphic example of this is the communications sector managing the support of aging 2G platforms, whilst provisioning new 5G technology & services whilst also transitioning their internal infrastructure from static bespoke hardware to flexible dynamic open-source software on commodity platforms.

Whether you are a media executive, company owner, customer or in-frequent IT user, it is impossible not to see the difference digital initiatives are having on the day to day interaction between business and customers, especially in the communications, media and technology sectors. The way, times & places in which we all interact with technology and consumer services is changing and with-it companies need to map out their plan, their way to capture the imagination of a new type of customer and consumer.

The ever-increasing demand for more flexible and agile networks and services, the transition from voice traffic to more data traffic, and the continual thirst for more bandwidth, lower latencies and cheaper prices are driving network providers to be as efficient as possible. Many previous barriers to entry are being eroded in this sector, often with previous positions of strength now often seen as a hindrance if not addressed appropriately.

The almost perfect storm of “do more, do it better, do it anytime, do it to anywhere and do it cheaper” is driving both exciting and disruptive times in the Technology, Media & Communications sector. Coeus, with its breadth of expertise can help ensure you are set to thrive in this new world, bringing together strategy, technology and operational excellence.

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Simon Reynolds is our Technology, Media & Communications Lead

Simon is a senior transformation leader who has a strong track record of managing multi-million pound transformation programmes at large organisations, helping them balance the challenges of legacy IT and embrace digital technology and transition. Simon lead the International Project of the Year (GSA Awards, 2018), a Network and Communications Sourcing programme that delivered c. €80M in savings for a global organisation. He was also shortlisted for 'Team Leader of the Year' (MCA Awards, 2019).