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Coeus Certified As Carbon Neutral Organisation

Monday 04 June, 2018

Coeus Consulting have been successfully verified as a Carbon Negative organisation since July 2017, and are assessed annually by the 'Carbon Footprint' standard.

The carbon emissions caused by Coeus each year are measured and balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world, in our case, through the organisation Carbon Footprint. These savings are generated through helping to fund renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects.

Coeus has earned the 'Carbon Neutral Plus' logo by not only offsetting our carbon emissions through Carbon Footprint's official Brazil Reduced Deforestation project (VCS carbon credits), but by also having trees planted in the UK which will sequester carbon as they grow over their lifetime.

Additionally, we actively measure our environmental impacts and proactively find ways to not only offset, but reduce, our impact on the environment.

As a small company that works with some of the world’s largest organisations, we are conscious that we can have a much wider impact by ensuring sustainability considerations are embedded in any project we undertake - view our ‘Sustainable IT’ insight.

“As a company, we have always been keen that our environmental strategy develops alongside our wider company development. Due to the nature of our business, offsetting our consultants' travel has always been a priority. We are constantly reviewing and improving our wider impact on the world, from promoting recycling in the office to CSR activities.” commented Rob Walker, Director, Coeus Consulting.

More about Carbon Footprint:

The Carbon Footprint organisation works with blue chip and SME companies to help them develop sustainability credentials. The Carbon Footprint standard demonstrates an organisation's true low carbon credentials, and takes the form of a carbon assessment.

Coeus' carbon footprint for 2017/2018 was 175 tonnes of CO2e, and this output has been offset by tree planting arranged through the Carbon Footprint organisation on our behalf, in the UK and the Amazon rainforest.