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Coeus Consulting Appoints Karen White as Associate Director

Tuesday 04 May, 2021

Karen White, previously Managing Director at Accenture Strategy (Sydney) has joined Coeus Consulting, an independent IT advisory, as Associate Director.

White will be joining the Coeus Leadership Team focusing on meeting client demand for Coeus’ services in the UK, and helping IT, procurement and business leaders to deliver strategic change.

She brings her significant experience in operations, specialising in architecting complex business transformation programmes, and bringing innovative digital solutions to clients to realise associated value.

Prior to her 16 years at Accenture, White had 10 years in global roles at Diageo based in London. Over her career, she has worked across the globe with both national and international clients in various industries including Consumer Goods, Retail, Transportation, Health & Public Service, Banking, Resources and Comms and High Tech.

White states “I decided to join Coeus as I am excited about the growth ambition and am very much looking forward to working in an agile, decisive business with high quality experts in the team.”

Ben Barry, Director at Coeus Consulting, added “We are delighted that Karen is joining the Coeus Leadership Team, with the experience she brings, and I am excited about working with Karen to grow our UK business.”

Coeus Consulting is an independent, award-winning IT advisory that stands alongside technology, procurement and business leaders to deliver strategic change. The company was founded in 2013, is headquartered in London, UK and has a European office in Düsseldorf.

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