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Coeus Consulting’s European Revenues Grow To 35% Of Total Revenues

Friday 15 January, 2021

Since launching a German office two years ago, Coeus Consulting has seen its European revenue share grow to 35% of total revenues.

As we enter 2021, Coeus Consulting has more than delivered on its 2020 goals of increasing local support for its European clients and expanding its European footprint.

The company opened its first European office in Düsseldorf, Germany in January 2019, a decision brought forward by a couple of years due to Brexit.

By the first 2 months of 2020, Coeus had managed to secure several significant extensions to existing European contracts as well as acquiring two flagship household names as new customers. With customers spanning the Energy, Manufacturing, and Consumer Goods sectors, the revenue share of the German office has grown to 35% of the total annual revenue of Coeus and is projected to grow to 40%+ in 2021.

In line with these plans, and using the German office to offer security of client delivery post Brexit, Coeus is aiming to continue to expand its local continental operations. Growth will be supported by external recruitment of the right candidates as well as in-house development and promotions at Coeus.

“We have exciting plans for 2021 and we expect to double our local European workforce this year. The focus is serving our local clients with culturally and linguistically-aligned consultants, but with the capabilities and style of consulting that has made us so attractive to our clients.” said James Cockroft, Director, Coeus Consulting.Coeus Consulting is an independent, award-winning IT advisory that empowers technology, business and procurement leaders to deliver more. We do this by helping IT leaders of large organisations deliver strategic change and evaluate technology innovations against the needs of the business.

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