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Coeus Projects Shortlisted for GSA Awards 2022

Thursday 05 May, 2022

 Coeus' world-class technology sourcing experts are once again Finalists at the Global Sourcing Awards.

Coeus' IT Sourcing team have been shortlisted for the prestigious 'Advisory of the Year' award as well as three further categories, at this year's Global Sourcing Association awards. Details of the projects can be seen below.


Digital Project and Utilities Project of the Year

This project involved Coeus Consulting pushing the client, a global energy company, to pursue an industry-first collaborative innovation between the client and two global software vendors.

To help meet its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, the client needed to launch a new, digital, renewable energy offering to the global retail market (B2C) before the busy ‘switching season’ (9-month timeframe) via a customer-friendly digital platform.

No single vendor could meet the client’s demand for a world-class, differentiated coffering, so Coeus pushed for, and lead, a collaboration to integrate the various technologies. This was the first time this combination of SaaS products had been implemented and involved significant technical development. Frequently Coeus had to advise the vendors on how to navigate delivery challenges and adjust priorities.

At times, the project was so challenging that the client had C-Level talks around stopping the build, but Coeus effectively built the vision and momentum using its delivery experience.

Coeus adopted a best practice agile methodology, breaking the project down into agile sprints that built functionality over fortnightly periods. A senior governance team drove and reviewed weekly progress.

As well as the software integration being more complex than anticipated, global requirements also changed during the project, but these were managed via the governance mechanisms the project had in place.

The success of the project was measured by whether the new B2C business was up and running, initially in the Dutch market, within the 9-month timeframe, offering competitively-priced renewable energy products. This was achieved.


International Project of the Year

The client, a global life sciences business, needed to provide access to reliable information for staff and growers, in sometimes remote locations with limited access to technology. They wanted to substantially improve User Experience alongside a 10% budget task.

The challenges included: 458 client sites across 100+ countries, with between one and 16,000 users; data quality ranging from good to very poor; inconsistent adherence to global standards and a high dependence on centralized service desks. User satisfaction was low.

Coeus conducted a Current State Assessment, followed by a data driven approach to understand workload content and to probe how service varied geographically in order to model decentralization impacts. Data quality was addressed with corrections and synthesised throughputs, surfacing geographic disparities in local productivity. 

Coeus challenged conventional wisdom by moving ticket resolution from centralized, low-cost operations to a higher skilled, local Unified Workforce. The site-level blueprint included walk-in centres, on-site presence and virtual walk-in centres plus vending options to address minimum resourcing levels, local shift patterns and a follow-the-sun ticket resolution service. Governance structures addressed inconsistencies and promoted continuous improvement.

First Time Fix rates increased to 75% (up from 35%) and customer satisfaction was at an all-time high.
75% of end users now have direct access to engineers or support pods (up from 60%) and the 25% of smaller sites are served remotely by better skilled Unified Workforce. Cost reduction is on target to hit business case savings of 22% and the model is more resilient to impacts such as Covid.

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