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Mergers and Divestments

Advising IT leaders through every stage of the M&A and divestment lifecycle


With up to 80 percent of all mergers and acquisitions destroying shareholder value, integration and IT synergies are now seen in many deals as equal to or more important than a cultural match. The costs and challenges of post-merger IT integration are frequently significant and often take longer than originally anticipated as details emerge post deal.

The key challenge is to fully understand the IT environments in both organisations in enough detail to accurately estimate costs and timescales for integration and to identify priorities and quick wins to support merger planning and communications. It is equally important to identify any elements that cannot or should not be integrated and make plans for those. The integration of people, processes, applications, data and infrastructure must all be considered together with the overarching governance that supports both the initial integration as well as longer term aims.

Divestitures equally lead to complex, risky change programmes for IT to execute with unique constraints and challenges to accommodate. Both the new company and parent company need to be left with sufficient IT capabilities to be able to support post-transaction operations and must develop a view around details such as post-transaction shared services, HR issues, shared contracts and capability development.

Through our M&A services we help companies accelerate the transition, maximise value through synergy capture and minimise IT risks. Having supported clients through every stage of the merger, acquisition and divestment lifecycle, from pre-deal IT due diligence to integration execution and benefits realisation, Coeus has experience of and understands the challenges.

We can successfully support a client through them, rapidly identifying key elements, risks and likely timescales at the start through to ongoing transformation support as required. Using our proven methodology we focus on the operational and technological implications of a transaction, combining experienced leadership with proven execution. With our numerous service offerings mapped to the client’s requirements, we add value from strategy definition to target optimisation.

IT Due Diligence
Reduce the risk and uncertainty around a potential acquisition by gaining deeper understanding of existing people and skills, architectures, applications, infrastructure, data and associated risks and issues. Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT within an organisation and establishing the true impact of the acquisition on Capex and Opex moving forwards.

M&A / Divestment Planning
Accelerate integration and hence value post acquisition through experienced personnel and tried and tested integration techniques. Coeus integration methodology ensures rapid pre-deal planning and strategy development and Day 1 action plans are developed to ensure ‘the lights stay on’. Our integration or separation planning and programme management is experience based and focuses on mile stone delivery and benefits realisation.

IT Effectiveness & Transformation
Increase the cost effectiveness of IT by transforming operations, reducing Opex, and uplifting service and innovation provided to the business. Delivery assurance of IT programmes ensuring Capex expenditure is governed and delivers promised benefits.