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Consumer Products and Retail

All consumer products and retail companies face new challenges created by complex consumer and shopper behaviour, retail consolidation and emerging markets. These challenges, which are now being accelerated by the digitisation of all aspects of a product’s supply chain, also present significant opportunities at both a local and global level


Coeus has worked with some of the most recognised organisations and their brands in the world to help to support the digital agenda, globalisation and to drive efficiencies and operational effectiveness across all channels and the supply chain, capturing the benefits IT must now deliver.

Consumer Products

The current dramatic change in consumer demands is being felt ever more strongly within the Consumer Products industry. The need to demonstrate product differentiation is critical at a time when the price of R&D and innovation sores. Coeus understands IT needs to support and enable a truly agile consumer business to keep pace with changing consumer behaviours.

The globalisation of markets brings huge opportunities for those organisations well positioned to take them but a single global market also brings pricing pressures, significantly effecting the double-digit operating margins the top manufactures have enjoyed for the past decade. IT must play its part by driving operational efficiencies and effectiveness and facilitating the analysis of a vast amount of data available to support the understanding of customer demands across borders. Compliance and regulatory pressures also require traceability of production from complex global production operations.


It is no longer sufficient for a retail business to operate using a single channel to market, customers now expect an omni-channel retail experience. Retailers need to rapidly implement and integrate systems, which unify all retail channels ensuring they provide a consistent customer experience across sales, stock and internal back office processing. The number of shoppers leveraging mobile devices at some point in their purchase process continues to rise. Regardless of whether the customer is purchasing, showrooming, browsing or bridging in-store and laptop/desktop experiences via their mobile device, their experience across an omni-channel interface will significantly effect their purchasing decisions.

Coeus understands the amount of data available today is increasing exponentially and Retailers need to build on their competence in analytics and customer segmentation. Customers expect a seamless purchasing experience across all channels and customer engagement points, from the till to the tablet, which place a considerable burden on back office systems and the integration to them from the customer facing front end. The pace of technological change within the industry is significant and many systems need updating, Retailers will need to place strategic bets on what technologies will deliver the highest Return on Investment (ROI).