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Change Delivery

Supporting IT departments through flexible yet benefit focused project, programme and change delivery


According to our research, 82% of IT organisations are either undergoing major change now, or are planning it in the next 12 months.

This is in part due to the ongoing challenge faced by organisations to use IT to become more flexible, but it also due to the pressure of keeping up with new technologies and products (using adaptable delivery mechanisms) and ever more demanding customer requirements.

Strategic business decisions, new operating models and traditional cost drivers are all combining to drive a much more rapid transition of the IT service. At the same time, IT leaders are also facing the ongoing challenge of updating or replacing the legacy IT environment without constant disruption to the business.

To add further to the pressure, organisations are often having to cope with the challenge of new transition or transformation programmes and projects starting up while the last one is still being embedded, if completed at all.

Clearly, robust process design and methodologies are required to manage the life cycles of such programmes and projects. If high levels of user adoption and benefits realisation are to be delivered, it is vital that this covers the impact that the change will have on staff, culture and ways of working.

With experience of delivery across various sectors over the last 20 years, Coeus supports organisations with IT Change initiatives, whether through IT Transition or IT Transformation.

We are able to take IT departments through any level of IT Change challenge, by providing expertise, guidance, market insight and overarching programme management support.   

We believe there is significant value to be achieved by establishing a PMO; whether an Executive PMO function, making recommendations on the portfolio priorities, or a Project Support Office, focusing on increasing benefits realisation and ensuring standardised use of tools and methods.

The Coeus People Change Management approach provides a staged model to guide organisations through change, looking at alternatives and mitigation strategies to support the needs of any IT programme. Ultimately it ensures all those affected are brought on the change journey to uncover and work through underlying causes of resistance and achieve shared benefit over the course of the transition or transformation effort.

For organisations that have already started their change programme, using a combination of these approaches puts Coeus in a strong position to be able to assure, and if required improve, the current programme of work to ensure deliverables are achieved and business case benefits are realised.  

IT Change Management
Manage IT and people change through robust process design and execution. Utilise proven Coeus methodologies to ensure stakeholder engagement, high levels of user adoption and benefits realisation developed and delivered through comprehensive joint planning.

IT Transition
Transition planning and execution of IT service delivery, whether directly from an internal organisation change, acquisition, split or another service provider.

IT Transformation
Manage the programmes and projects to effect a smooth shift from current mode of operation to future mode of operation through robust planning, effective governance and stakeholder engagement.

Programme Assurance
Assess programme and project performance against criteria such as scope; governance, compliance, quality and delivery.

Tailored PMO
Structured programme and project management to create, drive and maintain standards and continued delivery using proven approaches & methodologies.