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Supporting IT leaders in maximising the value generated from the IT Supply Chain


Whilst the majority of organisations have outsourced some or all of their IT operations, the nature and blend of these agreements have changed significantly over the years.

As organisations have tried to adapt to the ever-increasing need to become more agile in a digital world, so have their sourcing arrangements. In the early years of outsourcing, large monolithic and long terms partnerships were the norm. These have largely been replaced by more, but smaller and shorter-term agreements, promising increased flexibility to meet ever changing business demands.

With ever changing environments, businesses are seeking service model agreements to provide them with the flexibility to adapt rapidly so they can offer the next new product to their end users and customers. This reduces risks and issues with fixed and long-term agreements that stagnate and hold back businesses to never-ending change.

Understanding the value of your service provisions and relationships with third parties is critical to ensure services are working optimally and that business demands are being met in a timely manner. Too often organisations struggle with this core challenge meaning businesses fall short on their vision.

Assisting clients on their sourcing journey, from deciding on the most appropriate sourcing strategy, to selecting the right suppliers and negotiating contracts that work in the real world. We support clients in maximising the value they generate from their internal and externally delivered IT services, by utilising our optimised sourcing methodology and deep industry knowledge base.

Coeus’ approach for the development and execution of managed service including, eco systems and multi-source agreements is to follow its standard methodology, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client organisation, ensuring all of the requirements and individual elements of our clients are fully incorporated.

The reason for taking this approach is that it provides a holistic, end-to-end view, ensuring Coeus can capture and validate all of the pre-requisites to the proposed negotiation. It also ensures that the ongoing planned method for the management and optimisation of the service, through methods such as SIAM, are fully incorporated into the negotiation and contract formalisation phases. In addition, this approach helps us to identify key challenges and how to potentially mitigate these throughout each phase for the implementation of a managed service / multi-sourced agreement.

Sourcing Strategy
Supporting clients to assess and refine the effectiveness of their existing sourcing approaches. Preparing Build or Buy recommendations across Target Operating Models with benefits, risks and execution plan.

Supplier Selection
Accelerated and structured process for conducting IT tenders through market knowledge, best practice, proven methodologies, genuine delivery experience & supplier community relationships.

Contract Development and Negotiations
Best industry practice contract development continuously refined and adapted to meet ever evolving market solutions. Negotiating agreements that achieve the right (context specific) balance of risk between supplier and customer while putting in place the levers that will facilitate value optimisation over time.

Exit and Transition Readiness
Utilising our proven methodologies and genuine experience we assist clients develop exit and transition plans to remove barriers of exit and significantly de-risk service migration.

Sourcing Effectiveness and Optimisation
Using a variety of comprehensive assessment methodologies to evaluate your third-party agreements and how effectively they are being managed. We will advise on best in practice models to resolve any element unearthed to steer your services back on track, from obligation tracking through to best practice contract and vendor management governance and processes.