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Technology Management and Adoption

Helping IT leaders get the best business performance from their IT ecosystem


There is no doubt that the technology landscape is becoming ever more complicated and evolving at a rapid rate. With technology now underpinning the core go to market propositions from companies as diverse as Mobile Operators to Toilet Roll Manufacturers, getting Technology to Business fit has never been more important.

There are a number of challenges that really revolve around the skills gap that is being created by the level of change. How can IT departments continue to deliver the core offerings whilst managing to evolve in a market, that is taken even the biggest technology players by surprise?  The reality is that the once go to companies like Global SIs are in a similar position to most of their customer, scrabbling to find the talent and the roadmap to allow them to move forward whilst carrying a legacy of people and systems.

For companies to succeed in a world where much of their business model is being codified, they need to have clear access to technologists who can bring differentiated services through the use of technology.

We aid our clients in navigating the ever-expanding set of niches and specialities that they need to know, understand and use to get the best business performance out of their IS ecosystem.

This is where we are different to most, we come with a deep independent technical background but also with an experienced business mindset, able to link small technical details to the big picture.

Better yet we are a company of do’ers, we have the experience and expertise to be able to get technology delivered, as well as advise on leading use cases. We enjoy getting stuck in to challenging detail and if you want to make technology key differentiator, someone needs to understand the detail.

Our people “make things happen”.  We have a wide range of backgrounds (including customer, supplier, integrator, consulting), but 90% of our people have been at the coal face during global technology deliveries.  They understand the theory, they understand the imperative and they will stand by to get things moving.

Vision, Strategy & Roadmap
Enabling a company to develop and realise their vision in the context of current and future markets and technology. This is enabled through the Coeus methodology to map out vison, strategy, architecture and roadmaps to success.

Enterprise & Solution Management
Empowering clients to control data and its processing by empowering CIO and enterprise architecture to adapt the increasing demands, while maintaining control of both the data & meta-data, in the context of heavily regulated environments and the increased burden of data legislation.

Move to Cloud
Coeus' approach enables companies to understand their current state architecture, the business value from this and link this to define a roadmap and global scale transformation that is tailored to the client’s need and vision.

Disruption & Change
Taking an independent and objective, wide view across technologies and sectors, Coeus is able to enable recommendations to be made based on genuine market disrupters that will drive value for clients, from IoT to big data and AI. Utilising a consistent Organisational Readiness Acceptance methodology to structure and forecast the migration and adoption impacts and costs for new and changed technologies.